Introducing a New Freeware from MS Windows

windows7-dreamscene-activatorThe freeware known as MS Windows 8 DreamScene Activator enables users to activate this video wallpaper in all Windows 7 and Vista editions. It is the only freeware on the net with a fixed desktop text bug. You can set any video in Windows Media Video (WMG) or Moving Pictures multi-media formats (MPG) as wallpaper. Said feature was included in the Vista Ultimate Edition of Windows.

With Windows 8 DreamScene Activator, you can make the background of your desktop more exciting than an ordinary image. It is possible to use personal videos or slide shows as your backdrop just like standard images. DreamScene is a Windows Ultimate Extra designed for Windows Vista Ultimate users who wish to expand features for more enjoyment in using the personal computer.

Use the Windows 8 DreamScene Activator to set in motion this amazing wallpaper now.  You can even convert your screen background to a video clip running in a continuous circle. It makes your desktop more vibrant. However, there are certain things to consider before using DreamScene. It supports only the WMV and MPG formats. To set video footages as background, you need a video card compatible with hardware called Windows Aero.

Windows 8 genuine ActivatorWindows 8 Activator File Hippo is another Microsoft tool. FileHippo is a download site offering Windows computer software such as open source, free ware and share ware. It also offers the FileHippo Update Checker. This free software scans a computer and reports outmoded software in a web-page format. The program offers download links to the latest versions but does not recognize software coming from any other publisher. FileHippo is included in the top 700 most-visited sites in the whole world. Many of the website’s visitors come from the United States with 1.8 million every month and India.  The website was created in 2004 by Well Known Media, a technology provider based in the United Kingdom.

The Windows 8 Activator File Hippo came after modifications were conducted for the website last year. Microsoft Corporation brought in Microsoft Product Activation which is a technology utilized for MS computer software such as the MS Windows OS and Office productivity Suite.  This process imposes observance of the end-user license agreement by conveying information regarding the product key for program installation as well as Microsoft computer hardware. It holds back or prevents use of the software until license legitimacy has been verified.

Windows-8-Activator-Crack-Loader-2013-Final-Activation-Free-Download1Another activator is called Windows 8 Activator MyEgy. It is part of the highly developed activators designed by Microsoft. Users will not have to worry anymore about the possibility of downloading infected files accidentally. There are no risks of corrupted downloads that can waste your precious time.

 Microsoft introduced Windows 8 as part of its New Technology (NT) series of operating systems.  Windows NT is designed mainly for private users and enterprises that require cutting edge capability. This technology is the basis for Microsoft’s OS.

 Check out the web for more information and features of Windows 8 Activator MyEgy and Windows 8 Activator File Hippo.

Microsoft announces Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 will be available to users of Mac and Office 365 in 139 countries in 16 languages ​​. The updated applications are optimized for the ribbon interface as well as on devices with Retina display and the function of Multi-Touch. In addition, they are synchronized with the cloud storage , allowing you to work with files created on other PCs or smartphones

‘ Not Another Teen ‘ project ‘ Ship ‘ updated ERP- system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX with the support MAYKOR-GMCS

The network of children’s shops ‘ Boat ‘ with the support MAYKOR-GMCS has launched into operation a new system of business process management based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The retailer got the tools to further maintain the high performance of business in the new market challenges . ‘ Ship ‘ is one of the most effective in developing networks in the market of children’s goods . Following intensive development model ,

Cloud services Office 365 and Azure helped BBDO Group to succeed in the competition

BBDO Group using Microsoft technologies deployed at a robust corporate e-mail , improve business processes and provide a technological mobility of employees , giving them access to corporate correspondence with smartphones. The project was implemented by the IT department of the company with the support of General Computers. BBDO Group – the world-famous advertising and communications group operating in the Russian market

Microsoft SQL Server is upgrading the reporting system of the branch ‘Rostelecom’

The macro-regional branch of ‘Moscow’ OJSC ‘Rostelecom’ with the help of Microsoft technology was created local data storage , and upgraded reporting system for broadband services . The decision allowed the consolidation of 1 terabyte of information from multiple sources and to automate manual operations for the calculation of business performance . Macroregional branch of ‘Moscow’ OJSC ‘Rostelecom’ to create a local data store

Unified Communications system based on Microsoft Lync Server for « Urenholt ‘

Cloud service deployed in the cloud partner Microsoft, the service provider ‘ Lanka ‘ , based on the Microsoft Lync Server 2013 has allowed to organize a unified system of communications for the largest Russian distributor of food products . Because of this it was arranged seamless communication between employees of ‘ Urenholt ‘ from anywhere and from any digital device . It is possible to increase the level of satisfaction